Møre og Romsdal cooperation in hoppid.no program

Are you interested, what's the role of Møre og Romsdal County Council in this project?


today' I'll still continue the presentation of speeches that were presented during our online meeting on 15 May 2020. This meeting was organized by our Partner from Spain - County Council of Granada.

One of the activities of the Diputación de Granada is offering free advice from a technical team that will assist any business initiative independently of the phase and the municipality of the provincial geography in which it is located. Their activity also responds to a provincial line of work to serve technical support to municipal and super municipal entities with the aim of betting on self-employment as a way to increase the added value provided by local economies, improve employment levels and stop the rural depopulation.

This time, I'd like to show you the recording of the presentation of the County Council employee, who told us about the engagement of the County Council.