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Better life with DNA testing


Nowadays, around the whole world, there is a trend for healthy and active...

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Video courses for healthcare professionals


"Doctrina" is a Slovenian startup which is growing rapidly since its development...

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Are you the youth seeking for a job?


Tyba is a Spanish startup that has created some kind of a "marketplace". Their...

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English learning with Lingokids.


Linguokids is an educational application that allows children to learn English...

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Order service with Glovo


Glovo was found in Barcelona. in 2015 and is an on-demand courier service that...

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Black Swan from Bulgarian DRONAMICS


Dronamics is one of Bulgarian startups that should be followed in 2019, as it...

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Graphical user interface from Coherent Labs


Is there anyone who doesn't like playing games? Before we start playing, the...

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Use fingers as the key


Biometric technology gains interest as different organization ranging from...

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the greatest provider of green energy in UK


I guess, we all may agree, that the pollution nowadayis just incredible. It's a...

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Mobile banking with Monzo


Challenger bank MONZO has joined the group of "unicorns" in October 2018....

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"Accelerating the journey from data to medicine"


I'd like to present you British "unicorn" in the field of bio-technology -...

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The best medical solutions brought by KYMAB


We can't miss that company, as Forbes mentioned it as a good example of...

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