The road to an action plan

Each partner in the Osiris project will create an action plan. This plan should address how open and social innovation could be utilised when creating and implementing regional development strategies. The ultimate goal of the action plan is to set the target and the structure for revising the policy instruments in all seven participating regions - towards a more open innovation system for the wellbeing of society.

During the course of the project, partners learn from each other, exchanging experiences regarding the methods and models that can help this happen. In this case open social innovation can be both the method used for achieving an action plan and the goal for the action plan itself.

In the Osiris project the road to an action plan has been fairly long with seven interesting stops along the way. Before heading out each partner did an analysis of the innovation system in their territory to be used as a map for the journey ahead and peer reviewed by the other partners.

Travel companions were chosen in the form of stakeholders from different walks of life and more and more have joined along the way. Planes, trains, buses and cars have taken this travelling party to seven stops in all seven regions. The stops have included peer reviewing sessions, co-creative workshops on different themes using methods of open social innovation, and study visits to successful and interesting companies, organizations and initiatives. The stops have all meant an intense knowledge sharing and capacity building in different forms.

Good practises have been identified and these too have started to travel from region to region.

Now it is time to conclude this part of the journey and for all seven Osiris partners to put the knowledge and the lessons learned into an Action Plan on how to enhance the innovation system and revise the policy instruments that form the foundation for the development of their regions. 

The way to achieve this might differ between partners and this is the start of a web series on the road to an action plan for the seven Osiris regions. Stay tuned on all channels!