Data and markets: a working day addressed to public administration managers and business companies from Trentino


On 13th of June the Osiris Interreg Project in collaboration with Interreg S3-4AlpClusters organized two working sessions to discuss the analysis and trends described in the European Data Market 2018 report published by the IDC International Data Corporation on behalf of the European Commission. The initiative was also supported by the experience of the PHD programs managed by EIT Digital.


The morning session was designed for public administration managers in order to discuss how data market can offer space for knowledge, growth and the involvement of citizens in view of the 2019-2023 local programming but also the 20121-2027 European programming.


Paolo Nicoletti (General Director of the Autonomous Province of Trento), Gabriella Cattaneo (vice Presidente Associato di IDC European Government Consulting), Giorgio Micheletti (Consulting Director di IDC European Government Consulting) and Paola Borz (Trentino School of Management) were the main speakers of the morning session, moderated by Roberto Saracco (Head of the European Industrial Phd Program of EIT Digital )


Gabriella Cattaneo and Giorgio Micheletti from IDC European Government Consulting presented the European Data Market 2018 Report and discussed aspects related to the dialogue in the data market and the new professions emerging from the data driven trends. Representatives from local start-ups that operate with data presented their experience in front of the audience.


In the afternoon session Francesca Gleria (Open Data in Trentino Project ) and Anna Flavia Bianchi (Osiris Interreg Project) presented a first draft of the Action Plan for the Osiris project. The Action Plan will be consequently shared with the stakeholders during summer. As a follow up, Ilaria Mascitti (Autonomous Province of Trento) and Silvio Antonioni (Hub Innovazione Trentino) presented the Interreg Alpine Space S3-4AlpClusters project.


The session included a special workshop slot organized for companies, clusters and research centers that operate in Trentino. Participants to the workshop highlighted the challenges they face in the territory and their contribution proved once more how companies can offer their valuable contribution in the process of implementation of policies and actions at national and regional level.


Both morning and afternoon session throughout the day hosted interesting debates on the digital agenda in Trentino and the open data from the public administration that needs to become more effective in bringing together the demand from the business sector, the public administration and citizens.


The event was promoted by the Directorate General of the Autonomous province of Trento (Open Data in Trentino Project), the Department for Knowledge, the Department for Economic Development and Work, in collaboration with Trentino School of Management, Trentino Sviluppo, Hub Innovation Trentino (HIT) and EIT Digital.