The OSIRIS-project is powered by co-creative international and regional ecosystems. With this project we intend to design future solutions of societal challenges, by sharing good practices, disseminating improvements and changes in our territories.

Following the strategy of Municipality of Fundão, of attracting companies in the areas of new technologies to our territory, we are implementing some actions that we would like to introduce.

Business Support Center at Web Summit

Happened in Portugal, in Lisbon, from 7 to 10th november, the WEB SUMMIT - "Europe’s Largest Technology Marketplace", this year with more than 53,056 tech CEOs, founders, startups, investors and political leaders driving change across the world, looking for answers to the questions posed by the tech revolution we’re living through.

Following the strategy of attracting companies related to the areas of new technologies, presented at the last meeting of OSIRIS, the Municipality of Fundão, created a Support Center Business, which was open to all participants in the Web Summit. There they found a work space and meeting rooms with all the conditions to follow up with the contacts made at the Web Summit.

Located less than 500 meters from FIL - Feira Internacional de Lisboa, Alameda dos Oceanos , the Business Support Center will operate from January 2017 as a shared structure between companies located in Fundão to support their commercial activity and approach to clients and international investors.

The space is also a shared center between Portugal and Brazil, relative to the collaboration of the Fundão Municipality with the Campinas City Hall, intending to position itself as a gateway to Europe for Brazilian investors, aimed, of course, the possibility of companies to come to settle in Fundão.

 “Follow Inspiration”, a company based in Fundão, presented “Follow the Qoffee Qar” on Web Summit event.

Fundão and some companies based in this territory have been highlighted on the Web Summit event. “Follow the Qoffee Qar”, developed by “Follow Inspiration” for the coffee company “Delta” follows the client to offer a coffee, and it has captured the attention during the WEB SUMMIT event.

Municipality of Fundão will create a Demonstration and Experimentation Center "Smart Rural” 

The Municipality of Fundão will create the Demonstration and Experimentation Center "Smart Rural", to companies that develop solutions within the internet for agricultural component. 

It will be an internet demonstration park of things and robotics, associated to what is the philosophy of “smart cities”, but for the agricultural and rural component. It will be a center where companies can demonstrate, explain and present their new products and services in real context.

The idea is that these companies can have in Fundão a center of creation and development of new solutions that they have or are creating.

Fundão county has an important activity in the agricultural and agri-food sectors, so, this center can have a big importance for the development of these areas, as well as the continuity of the strategy to attract new technology companies.

Thus, we can attract more companies, including “startups” that are focusing on technological solutions, while it is contributing to solve one of the greatest difficulties that these companies face, which is to have a space to work and developed their projects".