Stina Berglund, business advisor, project manager at The Region of Västerbotten in Sweden.

• Why did you join the Osiris activities?

I was invited to join one Osiris gathering in Presov regarding Cultural and creative business as a source to economic growth. l was invited to participate in round table discussions and workshops where different regions shared their experiences, good or bad in order to find their path to success in this specific sector. What struck everyone that participated was that every region at least around our table has stopped to focus on an overall strategic way and more and more turned to focusing on  specific sectors. All of us could agree that this gave the most profitable turnover regarding invested money.

• What did you learn from participating?

I learned the importance of getting out of the office and learn and get inspired from others. Also, the time of saying "We know it all" is over! In order to actually accomplish something you have to have the guts to take a long good look at problem areas, and go from talking to action.

• Did you get new useful contacts for your own work?

Yes, I got contacts that we have kept and thinking about areas were we can go further in learning from one another. 

• Given the lessons learned – how do you see that the innovation system in your own region can be improved? If possible, give a few concrete examples.

We need to go for export in a proper way within my area - the Creative and Cultural business

We need to build long term relations with expertise in the markets where we are heading