Good Practice from Ostrobothnia – The Energy Challenge!

How do we enhance citizens’ knowledge in energy consumption and savings? How can we demonstrate new technological solutions in the field of smart energy? How can we act and live as we preach in the leading energy cluster in the Nordic countries? These were some of questions driving the development of the competition “The Energy Challenge” in the region of Ostrobothnia in Finland.

The region of Ostrobothnia has the largest cluster of energy technology companies in the Nordic countries. To date, the cluster consists of 140 companies with leading products, solutions and research in the field of smart and renewable energy.

"The Energy Challenge" was developed to put citizens and users of energy at the forefront of sustainable and smart energy. The good practice builds on the idea that private consumers are engaged in a competition where they, during a set period of time, compete, against themselves or each other, in lowering their energy consumption.

During the time of the energy competition the consumers are coached by energy experts. The competition is documented both visually (through video) and in text format. The video is produced as a TV-format, using the strength of a game show to keep the audience hooked.The produced material is spread through different media platforms to show concrete means for how to save energy, to educate consumers on smart energy solutions and to raise “calls to action”.

The overall goal of the good practice is to raise, in an entertaining and educative manner, citizens’ awareness of energy and sustainability matters. In addition, the good practice provides a platform for cooperation between researchers, consumers of energy, producers of energy, and suppliers of energy-related consumer products and services. In this way, the good practice seeks to facilitate the communication and practical application of leading research and development activities done in the region of Ostrobothnia.