Linda Kass, R&D Manager Culture and Entrepreneurship, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Jakobstad, Finland. 

1. Why did you join the Osiris activities?

I was asked to join the Osiris activities in Presov by the Finnish partner. Since the theme of the meeting was in line with my work at Novia University of Applied Sciences I gladly accepted the invitation.

2. What did you learn from participating?

I was hugely impressed by the city of Presov and the work that they are doing. I also got to see how an Interreg-project works, which was interesting for me as we work with other European projects.

3. How can you transfer this knowledge to your own work?

Understanding how to design and implement an European project helps me when initiating new projects.

4. Did you get new useful contacts for your own work?

Yes, both from the partner in Presov but also from the other countries.

5. Given the lessons learned – how do you see that the innovation system in your own region can be improved? If possible, give a few concrete examples.

The innovation system for the creative industries in our region needs to collaborate more. We have several organizations working with different aspects of the creative industries.