Stakeholder Sona Kozarova, Project Manager, Innovation Partnership Centre, Presov, Slovakia.

1. Why did you join the Osiris activities?

I was approached for cooperation on the Osiris project by people from the Regional Development Agency. For that I am very grateful to them. Not only did I learn a lot of new things to use in my current work, but I'm also grateful to know the great people of the Osiris family, and I believe that even after the end of the project, we will meet in other innovative projects.

2. What did you learn from participating?

There's really a lot I've learned, but what I remember most was the partner meeting in Fundao city , which has left me with a great impression. I was pleasantly surprised by the creative organization of the whole event, and I was also impressed by the study visits to the Living Lab, Business Centers and especially the Academia de Codigo. I am really excited how a small city like Fundao can do and has done such great projects.

3. How can you transfer this knowledge to your own work?

Since I am part of a team that is currently working on a major national project of Creative centers, I'm sure that everything I've seen and learned can be transferred to my work. One of the important components of our Creative center will be “the Maker Space” (something like Fablab), which I have seen for the first time thanks to the Osiris project. No less important to me are inspiring projects, such as the Academia de Codigo, which I would like to implement in our region in the future.

4. Did you get new useful contacts for your own work?

Of course. As I mentioned, I believe that I will meet the people of Osiris in my future creative projects.

5. Given the lessons learned – how do you see that the innovation system in your own region can be improved? If possible, give a few concrete examples.

In my point of view, the most important thing is that the people responsible for regional policies should be innovators themselves. Whether it's a new project for schools, entrepreneurs, but also when talking about transparency of public administration, as we have learned in Trento. That is why I think that in our region it is essential for these people to take part in international projects where they can see and transfer this kind of know how. I am part of a team of creative people and I believe we can change to the better at least what we are responsible for ie the cultural and creative industry.