On the 27th of September, the region of Drenthe in the Netherlands  organised a successful OSIRIS-meeting. A group of thirty entrepreneurs, municipalities and members of the Local Action Group of Southeast-Drenthe talked about cooperation in craft-making and finding new trading channels. The goal of the Dutch OSIRIS-project is to generate more work in the field of crafts, by working together and sharing knowledge and skills, both for existing entrepreneurs as well as for training new journeymen using methods of open, social innovation.

The meeting was organized by the LEADER Action Group of Southeast Drenthe (LAG). The LAG is working on strengthening the liveability and economy in Southeast Drenthe. It does that by giving European LEADER subsidy to projects, but also by bringing people together and stimulating new initiatives. LAG chairman Jacob Bruintjes: "In the OSIRIS-project, we aim for a strong network of craftsmen, which will ensure their longterm existence." On Wednesday, the ideas were presented and further worked out in small groups. In the upcoming months, the ideas are developed into several projects.