You just need a quick glance at the OSIRIS application form to understand how open data plays a key role in the development of this project, with sentences like: “develop policy-makers’ capacities to fully exploit the potential of open data”; “innovation leadership capabilities will be strengthened, including the adoption of open data and SW”; “exploit participatory methodologies, open collaborative platforms and open data” etc.

In addition, the creation of value from Public Sector Information (PSI), in order to boost the local data driven economy, is the most important goal that the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) wants to reach through this project. Trentino has already been focusing on these issues for 5 years, with very good results.

Last month, a staff member of PAT attended a 3-day programme of training and peer support on Open Data at the Open Data Institute (ODI). The programme was organised by the ODI and supported by the European Data Portal (EDP), two of the most influential actors in the European Open Data scenario.

The participants were ten government open data leaders and the programme drew on several of the ODI’s training courses, enabling participants to learn from outstanding peers and to develop leadership and communication skills.

With the aim to provide some improvement tips to the public administrations engaged in the processes (just begun or in progress) of opening their own data, the event was focused on three themes: targeting users; organizational processes and change management; communication.

What learnt will be re-used in a class during the OSIRIS staff exchange and delivering a presentation and talk during the co-creative workshop that will take place in Trento (Italy) from the 4th to the 7th of September 2017. This key information will be also a good base for the construction of the OSIRIS innovation capability manual, one of the project’s deliverables.

This event was also a good opportunity to communicate and disseminate OSIRIS to people coming from all over Europe.