Good practice from Slovakia

The Prešov region is facing a great challenge in creating and developing the creative potential that the region holds. In the last few days, we have been working very hard to set up a suitable model and a structure that would help to start the whole process. Our aim is to create an open space for different types of art and culture. We want to support the young and novice artists who have enormous potential for us. They are young, creative and very ambitious, and we think they deserve to have space for their realization.

The main objective of the new model for the cultural centre will be to support cooperation among local actors in the cultural and creative industries and to improve the quality of education in this area. The intention is to positively influence the development of the city and the region through the active engagement of citizens.

As the city of Prešov is still only at the beginning of the long journey, we decided to draw inspiration from the creation of a cultural centre in the nearby city of Košice - their "Kulturfabrik" - which represents the perfect model for open innovation, open to all.

The Kulturfabrik is a unique cultural centre and an open area for art, creativity and cooperation in Košice. Today, the complex offers 2500 m2 of contemporary art, concerts, theatre, film clubs, education, cooperation as well as high-quality bistros and other services. The „Kulturfabrik“ is the only non-state cultural centre of it’s kind operating in Eastern Slovakia with a twelve-year-old tradition and a comprehensive dramaturgy focused on all kinds of contemporary art - music, theatre, dance, film, fine arts, multimedia, workshops, creative residences, public debates, talks, presentations and more.

The whole idea of the centre is:

"Support for novice artists, shared jobs, and links to successful local businesses make Tabačka Kulturfabrik different from a regular cultural centre. Our priority is to strengthen the area of creativity in the form of new cooperation conditions. The old tobacco factory fills the vision of a creative incubator and start-up support for new cultural initiatives, individuals and communities. "