The next OSIRIS project meeting will be held in Fundao, Portugal on the 13th - 15th of December. The theme is a hot topic all around Europe - “New education and training systems for emerging jobs”. How can we use social and open innovation to create new opportunities for people to find jobs?

The program will, among other things, include:

  • A thorough look at and presentation of the Innovation Strategy Plan of Fundao. How can one become a HUB for ICT companies?
  • Co-creative workshops on Policy Instrument priorities, on the development of co-designed policies aiming at creating “better jobs for better cities”, on the creation of new skills for new kinds of jobs  
  • study visit at the Code Academy bootcamps and a look at how these initiatives work to reduce the mismatch between the labour market on the one hand and the human resources and capabilities on the other hand
  • study visit at the living lab and its innovation ecosystem
  • Steering Group meeting

… and of course much more. We look forward to sharing our findings from these meetings with you!