Citizens and Innovation: Looking into the future

What does it take to be an attractive and competitive region in the future? On the 8th of March the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia arranges an afternoon seminar with the Swedish writer and leading futuristic speaker, Per Schlingmann. A key message of the seminar is that digitization and technological developments are changing the world and affecting everyone.

The seminar starts with an open lecture where Per Schlingmann talks about how globalization, digitalization and urbanization change how both companies and public organizations need to think and act. In this lecture, Per gives his view on skills needed in the future and how smaller regions need to act to attract these skills in a national and international competition where urbanization is a fact. In view of the fourth industrial revolution, Per also talks about how robotization will reshape the public sector and the labor market that we have become accustomed to.

After the open lecture the seminar continues with a workshop focusing on co-creation and citizens’ involvement in regional development. The aim of the workshop is to find new ideas on how to bring citizens, companies and the public sector together in order to find more innovative and value-creating solutions. The workshop addresses students, development organizations, firms, and actors from the public and higher education sector.

The results of workshop will be included in a regional action plan aiming to strengthen the use of open social innovation in regional development work. The seminar is realized within the Interreg Europe project OSIRIS. The OSIRIS project is realized in close cooperation between seven European regions sharing good practices on open social innovation.

Time and place: 8.3.2018, 13.00–16.00, Hanken, Assembly hall, Kirjastokatu 16 Vaasa


13.00–14.00 Open lecture Urban Express, Per Schlingmann

14.15–16.00 Workshop led by Per Schlingmann