The Osiris partners from seven different European regions will have the possibility to discuss about data - mostly Open Government Data - and ways to enable data driven economies and open social innovation. The experience of the Trentino Open Data Project and the Trentino Sviluppo agency for business development, together with the stimuli from a science museum and research center, will be the fertile context for collecting experiences, ideas and suggestions. 

This time, the classic 3-day formula of the last meetings (project management + workshops + study visits), will be enriched by an additional "staff exchange" day: a training where  representatives of every partner will focus on themes of data driven economy, Open Government Data, standards and interoperability. 

Draft program

September 4

"For a Single European Data Driven Market Enabled by Public Sector”

Staff exchange meeting

Hosted by Consorzio dei Comuni Trentini

September 5


Hosted by Museo della Scienza (MUSE)

Introduction, workshop with the partners and study visit (Fablab etc.) on the connection between data, science, data culture, environment, culture and tourism.

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Hosted by Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) and EIT Digital

Workshop with the partners and study visit on the connection between data, research and innovation

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evening event

Hosted by Camera di Commercio di Trento at Palazzo Roccabruna

Sound designer Sara Lenzi will offer us a sonification experience from a sensor big data source

September 6

Hosted by Trentino Sviluppo, Polo Meccatronica, Progetto Manifattura

Workshop with the partners and study visit on the connection between data and new business markets, start-ups, ERDF use, seed money.

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September 7

Hosted by Provincia autonoma di Trento Palazzo della Provincia

Project management and final debriefing