1)       Please introduce your organization and your region.

Development Organization was founded in 2007 to serve the interests of national, regional and rural development and help the EU integration. The NGO established in Hungary with the commitment of develop prevention-related infrastructure both on national and regional level. Development Organization worked in energetic development of public buildings, helped to develop innovative operations of small businesses, participated in the implementation of the Hungarian tourism projects. During the 13 years of operation, the organization cooperated in environmental, nature conservation and health improvement related developments.

  2)      What is the main challenge in your region related to waste management that you want to address through the OptiWaMag project?
The Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programm needs to be fine-tuned in order to increase regional synergy and national cooperation. The aim is to increase the focus on the waste management-related solutions for the urban spaces with the increase of green solutions, for example using recycled materials on playgrounds, increasing awareness campaigns in parks.

3)      What is your expectation for the output of the project?
Activities during the whole project have the aim of elaborating of an action plan for integrating specific, more efficient, achievable and measurable actions into the programs to ensure an improvement of the development of local governments and citizens. 

Development Organization aims to improve the national program, through the communication with the policy makers from national level directly.

Local needs and challenges will be continuously discussed with the authority. The improvements will be complemented at strategical level as the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme aims to stimulate the nationwide economies in Hungary, funded by Regional Development Fund.