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If you are involved in the development of regional policies, you might be interested in our policy helpdesk service. Our team of experts can provide you with concrete answers to any question or challenge you might face in your region.

Whether you are struggling with a specific problem or facing a bigger regional challenge, the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform can help you.

We offer two different policy helpdesks: the first one is always available on our website and will provide you with a more extensive explanation, while the second one is only after workshops, face-to-face, and will give you a quicker but shorter response.

The classic policy helpdesk

How does it work? 

Don’t worry, our policy helpdesk is easy to use and can be done in a few clicks.

Step 1: Inform us about your challenge

Submit your request simply by filling in the form on this page and give us a detailed description of your particular challenge.

Step 2: We find the right expertise for you

Following the submission of your request, we work with our network of experts located all over Europe. Based on the thematic of the subject, we will send it to the experts specialised in the particular topic, who will analyse it carefully.

Step 3: Get a tailor-made response to your request in detail

Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive and personalised reply via email which will include resourcessolutions and recommendations

What will you receive? 

The set of personalised guidance from all over Europe will include: 

  • References to EU policy documents 
  • National and local legislation 
  • Policy briefs and good practices from Interreg Europe projects 
  • Contacts to relevant networks, persons and organisations

The online policy helpdesk

Through our online policy helpdesk, you will get your answers face-to-face in a faster and personalised way. Our experts will provide you with high-quality information and solutions to any challenge you might be facing. 

At the end of every workshop that the Policy Learning Platform organises, you also have the opportunity to book a 10-minute individual meeting with our Thematic Experts when registering for the event. 

Do not hesitate to test our policy helpdesk! 

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You can also check an online briefing organised on September 2021 where we presented the main services of the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform, available to public authorities all over Europe.

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