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The European Cluster community are active partners in many Interreg Europe projects. They are recognised as one of the key drivers facilitating interregional cooperation supporting both the policymaker community and also acting as an important intermediary for supporting innovation in SMEs.

Clusters are active in helping regional, national and European policymakers implement their policy objectives, for example, the recent call for the creation of a network of European Digital Innovation Hubs, for which the Policy Learning Platform organised a number of events jointly with the European Commission where the focus is on supporting and connecting European innovation ecosystems.

The Policy Learning Platform wrote a policy brief on the role of clusters to drive the green and digital twin transitions. Organised a complimentary workshop on clusters, featured keynote speakers from DG GROW and European Clusters Alliance to present the latest policy insights and the state of play regarding cluster policies. The workshop showcased the activities of some 13 Interreg Europe projects dedicated to delivering better cluster policies and good practices where clusters are driving the green and digital twin transitions. 

The forthcoming European Cluster Collaboration Platform annual conference planned for 26th-27th September in Prague will provide a good opportunity for clusters and policy makers from Interreg Europe projects to network and share knowledge and to co-create new policy tools.

The conference will focus on cluster policies and initiatives facilitating the implementation of the green and digital transitions whilst promoting European value chains and their resilience. It will also be the occasion to discuss and advocate how clusters can contribute to roll out Transitions Pathways in various industrial ecosystems. Hence making clusters agents of change, in line with the updated EU Industrial Strategy.

Conference registration details can be found here.

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is also coordinating a 13 other European ‘Clusters meet Regions’ workshops in the second half of 2022 and throughout 2023. These events will allow national and regional clusters and policymakers to come together to share experiences, secure new partnerships and to learn from one another.

The ECCP is launching a Call of Expression of Interest to select the national/regional authorities and clusters organisations to run each of these important events. The first deadline for making your application is 29 July 2022, at 18.00 CEST. 

Interreg European regional partners could therefore consider replying to the call 'Clusters Meets Regions'.

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