Well designed communication activities can be very effective in helping a project reach its objectives. Consider the communication as a useful tool for your project. Prepare an outline of your project communication strategy and add it to your project proposal.

What to put in the outline?

Start with your objectives. Define what you want to achieve with your communication. Do you need to raise awareness of policymakers? Do you need to engage some groups more actively in your project? Always keep in mind the larger project objective and think how communication can contribute to making your project a success. Make your communication objectives measurable so that you can evaluate later whether your communication strategy works.

Decide on the target groups you need to address and communicate with. Define the activities you need to carry out to reach your target groups and achieve the objectives you set. Tailor the channels you plan to use to communicate with each of the target groups as effectively as possible.

Key principles to follow

All Interreg Europe projects are part of the programme brand and need to follow its visual guidelines. The programme generates most of the visual elements needed by an approved project (logo, website design, project poster). You can have a look at the logos and websites of our running projects to get an idea how your logo and website might look like.

When you plan production of some communication material, keep sustainability principles in mind. Think of the added value of such material and how it contributes to reaching your communication objectives. Explain its need in the application form.

To learn more

On 28 April we held a webinar presenting more on how to develop a project communication strategy. It was the last in a series of webinars for applicants on project development. You can find all the instructional videos presented during the webinar week for applicants at the link. There are also presentations and a full list of the assistance tools.

If you have more question, check the FAQ section with answers to the most common questions or join one of the Friday online Q&A sessions to get our feedback live.

To read more about the third call, visit the Apply page.

Once you have your project idea well developed, think of asking us for detailed feedback. We will close this assistance tool on 9 June 2017.