The celebration of 30 years of Interreg continue with the third episode of 'This is Europe' podcast series. The third episode is about the next generation of Europeans.

The episode visits three different locations and tells three different stories of cooperation:

Meet Kamil, a primary school teacher in a small village in rural Saxony (Germany). Learn how schools in the German and Czech border area cooperate and organise border-hopping school days for pupils.

Spend a moment with Dalia on the border of Lithuania and Belarus and hear how ex-Soviet art school insfrastructures are reclaimed and made available to vulnerable children in the region.

Hop over to the Northern Periphery and get inspired by young entrepreneurs who are building their businesses despite depopulating rural communities.

And hear how Interreg plays a role in all this. Ready for a journey? Press play below to hear how young people around the continent see the future of the Europe shape out.

Hungry for more? Hear more stories about cooperation in the two previous episodes, 'Neigbours' and 'A Greener Europe'.

The podcast is produced by the Interact programme. See also the full list of episodes.