The Committee of the Regions together with the Dutch Province of Overijssel launched a survey on SME Policies of Local and Regional Authorities

Context and objective

The goal of this survey is to consult Local and Regional Authorities for the Committee of the Regions’ opinion on the SME strategy presented in March 2020 by the European Commission, and to gather examples of ‘good practices’ of regions supporting SMEs across Europe.

Focus on COVID-19

One of the top priorities the EU is focusing on now is to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on regional economies in Europe. All over Europe SMEs will suffer from this crisis and local authorities will have to take measures to avoid bankruptcies amongst SMEs. With this survey, you can share your experience help identify obstacles to investment and contribute to strengthening the economic recovery in the EU.

Who should contribute?

This survey is mostly addressed to civil servant or administrator responsible for SME policy.

How will the results be used?

The Committee of the Regions will share an analysis of the results in a publication on regional SME policies. ‘Good practices’ based on examples from the survey will be used and published, with an aim “to strengthen the regional dimension in the Commission’s SME strategy and to inspire stakeholders at the regional level to develop SME strategies of their own”. The publication will be distributed in October 2020.

Complete the survey online - by 31 May 2020

Photo by Kelly Sikkema