We have been saying it all year long, but 2020 is special. This year, we celebrate 30 years of Interreg. And you are all invited to join the celebration! Join and share your story with the rest of the Interreg community!

Tell us the story of your project

To mark the 30th anniversary of Interreg, the Interact programme is collecting stories about cooperation between regions across Europe. We want to add project stories from Interreg Europe in this collection.

As a part of the celebration, the Interreg community will come together in a special Interreg 30 years Project Slam during the European Week of Regions and Cities (10-15 October, Brussels). The focus of the Slam will be on project stories.

Now, it is time to harvest the stories. It is time for you to share your story.

Tool to speed up the process? Yes, please!

Not sure where to start with your story? Good news, a tool can help you to get your story ready in a matter of minutes.

Click your way to this online tool. It takes you through a set of guiding questions. Answer briefly, in your own words, and the tool helps you to develop a story in an instant.

When you have completed each of the steps, you will get a fully scripted story outline in your inbox. Your story. Almost ready to be shared.

Have a look at the outline, tweak the details if and where necessary (but keep it short: aim for a one-pager), and voilà: your story is ready.

The whole process will take no more than 60 minutes, most likely even less. Take it as a challenge: set your timer, get ready, go!

Ok, got my story outlined. Now what?

Send your story to [email protected] with subject ‘#Interreg30 Project Slam – [your project acronym]’ by 22 April.

The most inspiring and interesting stories will have a chance to be featured in the Interreg 30 years Project Slam. Learn more about the Project Slam here.