How is your project's photo album looking? Have you snapped some unique shots that capture your project in one image?

Thanks to the #EUinmyRegion 2020 campaign, you have a chance to get your project photo printed on a set postcards - for free!

Would you like to see your project on a postcard?

If so, enter the contest and send an email to [email protected] with:

  • Subject: “EUinmyRegion postcards”
  • Your photo(s) (min. 1000 pixels or 150 dpi)
  • A short description of your project (max. 30 words including the name, short description, the budget, the EU financing, and website/social media channel)
  • Statement confirming that you approve the terms and conditions
  • Signed authorisation form(s) (only required when individuals can be recognised in the picture)

You can send project description in English or in the national language. The text you provide will be included in the postcard (if selected). The text will be used as it is (no additional translations or formatting).

Only one picture per project will be selected, but you can submit up to five photos.

Up to 150 images will be shortlisted for the postcards. The European Commission reserves the right to select the pictures to be printed. 

If your photo is selected, you can receive 300 free postcards with your photo and use them in your own communication activities.