On 13 February 2020, we held a webinar to show you how the partner section in iOLF works. The recording is now available to watch.

You can see videos presenting the relevant reporting sections of iOLF and Q&A sections after the videos replying to participants' questions.


Instructional videos

00:06:50 login & dashboard

00:11:10 contact details

00:17:00 reporting policy instruments

00:28:50 creating partner report

00:40:15 reporting expenditure (staff costs, travel & accommodation)

00:53:30 reporting expenditure (external expertise & services)

00:59:00 about submitting to the FLC


00:13:35 about contact details

00:19:30 about policy instruments

00:34:10 on creating partner report

00:47:00 on staff costs and T&A

00:59:50 about external expertise

01:06:35 about submitting the report to FLC and to the secretariat

More help and guidance

You can find more guidance on how to implement your Interreg Europe project on our website in the form of webinars and written documents.