The project idea feedback service for the third call was closed on 9 June.

Do you have a project idea relevant for Interreg Europe? Are you preparing an application for the third call for project proposals? Do not miss the opportunity to receive individual feedback on your project idea. Among the wide range of assistance we offer, applicants preparing their project proposals have ranked the individual feedback at the top in usefulness.

If you are attending 'Europe, let's cooperate!' in Malta or a national info event in your own country, you can place a face-to-face consultation with the joint secretariat. Other ways to receive feedback are via Skype or phone or in written form.

If you have passed the online self-assessment and made sure that your project idea is relevant for Interreg Europe, ask for feedback following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to (or join) the Interreg Europe community
  2. Publish your project idea online by choosing ‘New project idea’ under Activity tab on your profile. You need to provide basic information such as what your project idea is about and types of partners you are looking for. Do not forget to click 'Publish' so that your idea becomes public and you can start the partner search.
  3. Once you have published your idea, you can request for individual feedback immediately following the steps or later by clicking a 'request for feedback' link on your profile. We ask you to provide us more information on the issue and policy instruments addressed by your project, partners involved and planned activities. The details are visible only for the join secretariat and help us to better assist you in developing your project idea into a successful application.
  4. Choose where and how you would like to receive the feedback. If you are attending an event and wish to get feedback there, make sure to request it at least 7 days before.

Requests for feedback will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. We can only provide one feedback per project idea and user.

The last day to ask for feedback on your project idea is 9 June 2017, but to get the most out of the feedback, it is advised to send the request well in advance.

Have a look at this video where a project partner talks about the benefits of getting feedback on a project idea.

Make sure to check also our partner and project idea search, watch instructional videos, have a look at FAQs and join events, workshops and webinars.

You can find the full range of our assistance here.

We look forward to receiving your idea!