This is the story of how the arrival of the three wise men and a horse fair turned the Castile waterway in Spain into a visitor hotspot.

A sad story with a happy ending

Once upon a time, the waterway in Castilla de Leon was unappreciated. Locals didn’t like it and only a few tourists bothered to visit. The municipality, however, was determined to turn things around.

What did they do?

Most people love a good holiday festival; decorations are everywhere, food and drinks abound, and the atmosphere is filled with glee.

So the municipality organised two annual festivals – one around Christmas time – to revive the waterway and enhance the local economy.

What was the result?

You guessed it! Every year, the festivals are visited by thousands of people; local and tourist alike. Everyone keeps coming back for more.

Have a look at the good practice from the HERICOAST project and see if you can’t find some inspiration for your city’s unappreciated areas.