In the past weeks, we have been looking at project results coming from different parts of Europe. Let’s continue the journey and take a look at how cooperation helps regions find solutions for environment and resource efficiency. With 67 projects working on the topic, there is no shortage of interesting stories and results. Today we’ll have a closer look at one of them.

INTHERWASTE helps heritage cities with waste management

Picture yourself in the narrow, cobblestone streets of an old, historical city. The sun is shining and you are enjoying exploring the alleys. You spot a nice-looking restaurant and plan to stop for a local treat and a refreshing drink on the terrace. …Until you realise that you would sitting next to a row of overflowing garbage containers. Not exactly an ideal spot for a relaxing break.

Luckily, a project called INTHERWASTE is helping heritage cities to keep their streets clean by sharing solutions on efficient and sustainable waste management. See how in our new web documentary:

What have they achieved? 

Inspired by the good practices from other heritage cities, the city of Cordoba (Spain) is making use of new compacting waste containers. As a result, fewer containers are needed out on the streets.

Working with their European peers also helped them spread awareness about some of their own good practices, such containers painted by children. Furthermore, they improved their waste management strategies and succeeded in developing a closer working relationship with the regional authorities in Andalucia. This makes it easier to continue cooperation in the future.


By exchanging experiences with peers around Europe, Cordoba spotted ideas for solutions that could work also in their context.

Belgium showed how waste collection does not necessarily require a lot of street space. Ghent has been making use of compacting waste bins since 2017 and inspired Cordoba to develop their own prototype.

France shared solutions for enhancing recycling with reuse and repair facilities. The Spanish partners took home some ideas for further development of their own waste management approach.

More results

INTHERWASTE brings together six partners from five countries. What is going on beyond Spain? See the project website to find out.

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