During the entire week, we are bringing you results from our projects working on research and innovation topics.

Let us introduce you to Islands of Innovation!

They are looking into policy measures that turn islands and peripheral regions into ‘test-beds’ of innovation.

Watch the interview to see why they think islands can be sources of innovation

I think we under-utilise and under-estimate the power of these local communities. Simon Tijsma, Islands of Innovation project

What have they achieved?

  • They influenced the ERDF Operational Programme in Fryslân and started funding new innovation projects on the Wadden islands
  • They developed a new pilot project – Vliehouse – with the help of EUR 25,000 from the Managing Authority
  • They applied a new methodology called the TIPPING wheel which was later fully embraced by the politicians

Want to know more?

Discover they good practice on sustainable innovations or visit our results page.

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And think about signing up for a workshop by the Policy Learning Platform about open, social and responsible innovation on 27 November in Brussels. You’ll get to hear from the MARIE project.

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