It’s been three years already! Three years since our first projects launched. Three years since regions across all of Europe began working together.

And now we’re starting to see the fruits of their cooperation!

With 65 projects working on research and innovation topics, we could hardly boast about all of their achievements. But over the coming week, we will give you a taste of the great results our projects have achieved so far.

RESET makes fashion eco-friendly

The RESET project is looking for new ideas and solutions to improve regional policies and promote a more sustainable way to make textile and clothing.

Watch their story from our new web documentary:

What did they achieve?

The UK partner successfully influenced the country’s innovation strategy and gained £5.4 million in funding for a new project called the Future Fashion Factory. The project works on new digital and advanced technologies increasing sustainability in the sector.

They also obtained £400,000 for the Centre in Huddersfield to develop new skills and move to a circular economy.


They got inspiration from a number of their project partners’ good practices!

Germany inspired them to partly substitute natural fibres with carbon fibres because it would reduce the weight and cost of the fabric. Its benefit is also in the diversity of products and the use of renewable resources.

Italy inspired the UK partner to tackle textile waste when they saw Italy’s needle punching technique and good practice on circularity.

What’s next?

Can’t wait to know more? Then watch this space. We’ll be publishing results on research and innovation topics all week!

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