On 12 September, we hosted a webinar to help projects to edit their website.

Watch the recording and check the presentation to learn how to edit your project website and get some additional tips on how to write for the web and tracking the performance of your website.

 Use the links below to find a specific part of the webinar:

00:07:18 live demonstration how to edit your project website
00:30:43 key points to remember
00:42:05 writing for the web
00:44:43 Google Analytics report
00:55:21 contact us & help

00:35:43 Q: Is it possible to use free images from online database?
00:36:37 Q: How can we change the contacts on the contact page?
00:37:43 Q: Is it possible to get a preview of the editing before publishing?
00:38:45 Q: How many call to action can we have on the sidebar?
00:40:29 Q: Do the news published on project website appear also on programme website?
00:49:13 Q: Is it better to have a Twitter account titled with project acronym?
00:50:57 Q: Can we have access to Google Analytics account?
00:51:28 Q: Where can we find info on the monthly Google Analytics report?
00:52:35 Q: How to get people to visit project pages?