We are delighted to share with you our annual implementation report for 2018.

Have a look at the citizen's summary for highlights from our last year's work. For more details, the full report is also available here.

We had 184 projects running in 2018. We also ran our fourth and final call for proposals. 33 most advanced projects delivered 274 action plans to translate the lessons learnt into actions in the regions. You can learn more about our projects on the project websites.

Our Policy Learning Platform continued to offer thematic and networking events on each of the programme topics. The expert-validated good practice database kept growing and covers already more than 700 good practices. We also launched new on-demand services offering region-to-region peer reviews and policy matchmaking.

Evaluation and controls show that the programme is on the right track. The mid-term evaluation results were largely positive and the audit results confirmed that sound management and control systems are in place. We also continued to work on simplification, aiming to ensure that rules and procedures are clear and easy to follow. This in turn allows our project partners to focus on their core activities and on delivering results. 

For more information on the programme implementation, check also our Facts and Figures page