The European Week of Regions and Cities takes place on 10-13 October 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. Registration has just been launched, offering a wide variety of workshops. We invite you to register to events related to the Interreg Europe programme.

Policymaking in 21st century

Date: 11/10/2016 [09:00-10:45]
Location: Committee of the Regions, Van Maerlant, Room 3
Code: 11C03

Policymakers face the challenge of designing and implementing regional policy in an increasingly globalised, complex and interdependent environment. Competing demands come from the ‘bottom’, through increased citizen participation in decision-making; and from the ‘top’ through national and European agendas, focus on smart specialisation and results. With competition for resources tight in many contexts where budgets are being squeezed, policymakers are turning to evidence-based policy to demonstrate effectiveness. The need to collaborate in new networks, find and implement proven solutions, and be open and responsive seems primordial. How effective is cooperating and benchmarking with other European regions in better implementing regional policy? This debate with policymakers and researchers will explore interregional cooperation as a tool in the 21st century policymakers’ toolkit.

Policy learning lab: practical approaches for smart and sustainable regions

Date: 11/10/2016 [14:30-17:00]
Location: Committee of the Regions, Jacques Delors, Atrium 5
Code: 11A49

Do you have ideas on how to improve regional policies in Europe? We should talk! Interreg Europe is setting up Policy Learning Platforms: communities of like-minded policymakers, practitioners and experts working to improve structural funds and other policies. This interactive session will provide insight into the topics covered by platforms - Research and innovation, SME competitiveness, Low-carbon economy and Environment & resource efficiency. Be part of this session and contribute with ideas on particular challenges that platforms should prioritise and what services you would like to use.

Pathways to a circular economy in cities and regions

Date: 12/10/2016 [09:00-11:15]
Location: Committee of the Regions, Jacques Delors, Atrium 5
Code: 12A61

The transition to a circular economy is a priority of the European agenda. Policymakers seek to encourage the shift from traditional linear ’take-make-consume-throw away’ economic patterns to a more sustainable closed-loop system of production, distribution and consumption, and at the same time to develop the green economy in their cities and regions.

ESPON, INTERACT, Interreg Europe and URBACT have joined forces to explore and share with participants in an interactive session: 

  • The European diversity of challenges and potential for moving to a circular economy 
  • The practical meaning of circular economy for cities and regions
  • Good practices in circular economy approaches.

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We look forward to seeing you in Brussels during the European Week of Regions and Cities!