On June 6, we hosted a webinar on how the good practice database works and how to submit your good practice in the most efficient way.

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Use the links below to find a specific part of the webinar:
00:00:52 Agenda
00:03:50 Nicolas Singer from Interreg Europe presents:
00:19:00 Verena Priem from Interreg Europe presents how to submit a good practice:
00:34:25 Validation process
00:47:05 Key points to remember

00:16:28 Q: Is it possible to save the submission form and come back to it later?
00:17:23 Q: How long does it take a good practice to be approved?
00:33:22 Q: How do you define the geographical scope of a good practice?
00:39:15 Q: Could a good practice appear on the website after being validated by the web admin, and be rejected afterwards by the policy officer?
00:42:45 Q: Can a good practice be based on a private sector initiative?
00:44:25 Q: Is it possible to correct a mistake on a published good practice?
00:49:27 Q: For how long a good practice is valid?
00:51:35 Q: Is it possible to submit a good practice developed by an SME?
00:52:30 Q: Do you have any good example of a good practice?
00:53:55 Q: Where can projects get help on good practices?
00:54:30 Q: At what stage in the project are good practices usually submitted?
00:55:26 Q: Do you have any suggestion about how to identify good practices?
00:58:57 Q: Should good practices be linked to the project study visits?
00:59:30 Q: Can we identify good practices from outside of the partners regions?
01:01:01 Q: Can a good practice be counted towards the indicators in the progress report if the policy officer validates it, but the thematic expert does not publish it?