In 2018, a team of external evaluators assessed the overall performance of the Interreg Europe programme. They checked the way the programme is implemented (operational evaluation) and also assessed the first programme achievements (impact evaluation).

On the operational side, the evaluators looked at the management of the programme, at the support provided to projects and the Platform, and at the communication strategy. The evaluators found a high level of satisfaction among the programme’s stakeholders with the programme procedures and support.

The evaluation’s recommendations served mainly as suggestions for further improvement such as:

  • more visibility to the role of Partner States in the programme implementation
    six tasks now described on the website
  • more distinct focus on storytelling about the project results
    reflected in the annual event organised in April 2019

The impact evaluation was more challenging due to the early stage of projects and the Platform implementation. Only 19 projects had their phase 1 closed at the time of the evaluation.

Nevertheless, the conclusions of the evaluation were also positive. Based on the level of outputs and achievements reported by the first call projects, the evaluators assume that the programme will exceed most of its initial objectives. The fact that the programme supports more projects than initially anticipated (258 instead of 200) helps as well.

As for the Platform and despite the lack of some data on its performance, the evaluators found that the latest developments went in the right direction. Reinforced management team and the development of demand-driven services such as peer reviews should help reach the set targets.

Again the evaluation helped in further improving the way the programme monitors the Platform and the projects’ implementation. In particular, the following recommendations have already been taken on board:

  • update of the progress report template
    to better capture the impact of the learning process in the participating regions
  • more specific guidance for projects on phase 2
    published on the programme website in April 2019

The evaluation ran between March and November 2018. Last December, the evaluators presented their findings to the Interreg Europe monitoring committee. In March 2019, the monitoring committee approved a set of measures to follow-up on the evaluation’s recommendations.

You can find the full reports in this folder or at the links below: