Interreg Europe monitoring committee has conditionally approved 54 projects out of 234 applications received in the third call for project proposals.

IMPORTANT! The lead partners of the projects approved under conditions will shortly be notified directly. The notification letter will provide details on the conditions to fulfil and information on the next steps to start their project. We kindly ask applicants not to contact the secretariat directly until they have received this notification.

Have a look at the projects approved in the third call for proposals. Or download a list of them.

Cover photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Approved projects - Call 3
Agri Renaissance

Innovation-driven agri-food sectors for a European industrial renaissance

Lead partner:Government of La Rioja, Spain


Fostering the role of public authorities as demanders of innovation through public procurement

Lead partner: Lithuania Innovation Centre, Lithuania



Lead partner: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourism, France


Translating Industry 4.0 to improved SME policy instruments targeting innovation

Lead partner: Ministry for National Economy, Hungary


Sport for Growth and Healthy & Vital Communities

Lead partner: Sports and Technology Foundation, Netherlands


Innovative health solutions for thermal spa regions

Lead partner: Thermauvergne association, France


Water Technology Innovation Roadmaps

Lead partner: Wetsus, European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, Netherlands

Medtech4 Europe

Optimizing the impact of public policies in favour of research and innovation facilities in the field of medical technologies

Lead partner: Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Region, France


Regions in Europe Coordinate and Optimize innovation and competitiveness policy instruments towaRDs improving the sustainability of transport - study case of SMEs in the railway sector

Lead partner: i-Trans Transports Terrestres Promotion, France


REGIONal Strategies 4 FOOD 4.0 Revolution

Lead partner: Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Government of Andalusia, Spain


Fostering Interregional Collaboration and Support for Innovation Infrastructure in S3 key priority areas through the Improvement of Regional Innovation Eco-systems

Lead partner: Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands


Area Based Collaborative Entrepreneurship in Cities
Lead partner: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands


Cross Sector support for Innovative and Competitive Artistic Ceramic SMEs
Lead partner: Regional Government of Umbria, Italy


Regional policies for competitive cybersecurity SMEs
Lead partner: Bretagne Development Innovation, France


Digital tech SMEs at the service of Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies
Lead partner: European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology, Ireland


Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Mindset in Young People through the Dynamisation of Competences, Teaching Methodologies and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Lead partner: Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Seville, Spain


Improving policies to boost SME competitiveness and extraversion in EU coastal and rural areas where aquaculture is a driver of the regional economy
Lead partner: Region of Peloponnese, Greece


Female participation in high-tech enterprises
Lead partner: Arezzo Innovation, Italy

Exploiting digitisation to increase B2B e-commerce
Lead partner: Business Development Centre North Denmark, Denmark


Financial Instruments for Innovation
Lead partner: National Innovation Agency, Portugal


One Stop Shop towards competetive SMEs, focusing on the ecosystem for the first line service system
Lead partner: Møre and Romsdal County Council, Norway


REinforce Competitiveness of REgionAl Transport SMEs
Lead partner: Coventry University Enterprises Ltd, United Kingdom


Enhancing SME growth by the integration of Artists in ICT projects
Lead partner: Porto Polytechnic Institute, Portugal


Save Rural Retail
Lead partner: Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Teruel, Spain


Identification and Implementation of Regional Policies to take advantage of the SILVER Economy derived opportunities to engage SMEs in growth and entrepreneurship spirit
Lead partner: Provincial Government of Teruel, Spain


Advancing Public Participation and stakeholdeR engagement fOr the improVement of renewable Energy policies

Lead partner: Regional Council of Lapland, Finland


Supporting the clean energy transition of coal-intensive EU regions

Lead partner: Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency, Bulgaria


Delivering Efficient Sustainable Tourism with low-carbon transport Innovations: Sustainable Mobility, Accessibility and Responsible Travel

Lead partner: Metropolitan Development Agency of Thessaloniki SA - Joint Intermunicipal Company of Thessaloniki Greater Metropolitan Area, Greece


Electro MObility as driver to support POLicy Instruments for sustainable mobility

Lead partner: Province of Brescia, Italy


Financial Instruments for Renewable Energy Investment

Lead partner: Extremadura Energy Agency, Spain


More Carbon Reduction through Intense Community Engagement

Lead partner: Almada City Council, Portugal


The Role of Modal Interchange to Foster a Low-Carbon Urban Mobility

Lead partner: Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, Department of Architecture, Italy


Public Engagement for Sustainable Public Transport

Lead partner: Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation, Poznan Science and Technology Park, Poland


Promoting best practices to support energy efficiency and renewable energy in European islands and remote regions

Lead partner: Vice-Ministry of Industry and Energy, Spain


Sustainable Metropolitan Areas and the Role of The Edge City

Lead partner: Akershus County Council, Norway


Water reuse policies advancement for resource efficient European regions

Lead partner: Regional Government of Murcia, Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, General Direction of Water, Spain


Celebrating Biodiversity Governance

Lead partner: Province of Fryslân, Netherlands


Creating opportunities for regional growth through promoting Cultural HERitage of fISHing communities in Europe

Lead partner: Municipality of Middelburg, Netherlands


Smart Circular Procurement

Lead partner: Kouvola Innovation Ltd, Finland


Construction & demolition waste management policies for improved resource efficiency

Lead partner: Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain


Cultural and Creative Industries contribution to Cultural and Creative Tourism in Europe

Lead partner: Vidzeme Tourism Association, Latvia

Delta Lady

Floating Cultures in River Deltas

Lead partner: University of Twente, Netherlands


European Network for the Promotion of Cycle Tourism in Natural Areas

Lead partner: County Council of Huelva, Spain


EUropean REgions of GAstronomy building resilience by protecting and stimulating culinary cultural heritage and creating new jobs and economic growth

Lead partner: Municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands


Financing impact on regional development of cultural heritage valorisation

Lead partner: Piemonte Region, Italy


Green Public Procurement and Sustainability Tools for Resource Efficiency Mainstreaming

Lead partner: Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy


INNOvating policy instruments for preservation, transformation and exploitation of heritage CASTLEs, manors and gardens

Lead partner: National Institute for Heritage, Romania


Protecting European Biodiversity from Invasive Alien Species

Lead partner: National Center for Environment and Sustainable Development, Greece


Effective policies for durable and self-sustainable projects in the cultural heritage sector

Lead partner: INORDE - Institute for Economic Development of Ourense Province, Spain


PreservatiOn and promotion of cUltural and natural heRitage through GreenWAYs

Lead partner: Murcia Region Institute of Tourism, Spain

STAR Cities

Sustainable Tourism for Attractivity of Riverside Cities

Lead partner: Val-de-Marne Tourism Board, France


Thematic Trail Trigger

Lead partner: Livorno Province, Italy

UrbanLinks 2 Landscape

Unlocking the resources and adaptive capacities of urban landscapes for sustainable growth by inserting new forms of active land use and ecosystem services

Lead partner: Rhineland Regional Council, Germany


Waste Management Intelligent Systems and Policies

Lead partner: EMULSA. Municipal Company of Urban Environment Services of Gijón, Spain