On 24 January 2019, we held a webinar on how to design action plans. The online seminar presented an opportunity for partners in Interreg Europe projects to learn more about it and ask questions.

You can watch the full recorded webinar. See below links to specific sections of the 90-minute webinar.

Indicative timing of the content discussed during the webinar:

  • 00:05:00 Nicolas Singer from Interreg Europe presents how to design action plans
  • 00:30:00 Romina Magni from RATIO project shares her experience as lead partner
  • 00:49:15 Question and Answer session start
  • 00:49:25 Q: How many actions should be planned?
  • 00:51:05 Q: What is the protocol to issue a recommendation to a partner managing ERDF funds?
  • 00:53:28 Q: Should the actions in the action plan be inspired only by good practices or also by other project activities and lessons learnt?
  • 00:55:12 Q: If the action plan is written in a local language, to what extent it should be translated to English? What does it mean a comprehensive summary?
  • 00:56:43 Q: Is there a difference between the costs and the amount of funds influenced by an action?
  • 00:58:02 Q: Can the inspiration for our actions come from discussions in the stakeholder group?
  • 01:00:33 Q: What about the indicators for measuring the actions?
  • 01:02:15 Q: How much monitoring and evaluation should be included in the action plans?
  • 01:04:00 Q: Where to find examples of very good action plans?
  • 01:06:30 Q: How did RATIO lead partner manage the process to get all action plans before the last reporting period of phase 1?
  • 01:10:25 Q: What happens when the joint secretariat checks the action plans and how long does it take? What if the secretariat does not validate them?
  • 01:12:37 Q: Can actions inspired by good practices from the Good Practice Database be included in the action plan?
  • 01:14:54 Q: Can you give examples of how actions can be endorsed?
  • 01:16:37 Q: Is there an expectation that the action plan activities are followed also after the end of phase 2, especially the interregional connections?
  • 01:18:10 Q: In the action plan, do the activities need to be measurable?
  • 01:19:14 Q: What is the role of the lead partner in coordination and monitoring of the different participating regions?
  • 01:20:36 Q: Why should the number of actions be low?
  • 01:22:20 Q: Can the action plan be a part of a new policy document compiled at the same time as the action plan?
  • 01:23:30 Q: How do you evaluate the quality of the actions in the action plan?
  • 01:24:06 Q: What happens if the share of Structural Funds among the number of policy instruments changed at the end of the project drops below 50%?
  • 01:25:55 Q: Any advice for the UK partners trying to influence the EU policies with Brexit ahead of them?
  • 01:27:10 Eilish O'Loughlin closes with useful links and info


Additional material: