We have revised our programme manual to make it more helpful and clearer. The programme manual serves everybody who is getting ready for the fourth call as well as those already implementing the projects.

See the key changes:

  1. The monitoring requirements in relation to the online good practice database are further clarified.
  2. The importance of achieving results beyond the production of action plans is better highlighted.
  3. The procedure for requesting and approving pilot actions is further clarified.
  4. The description of the reporting requirements is updated to take into consideration the latest developments of iOLF.
  5. The changes also include few simplification measures:
  • Lump sum covering phase 2 activities – applicable only to the fourth call projects (details in section 7.4 of the programme manual).
  • Staff costs reporting:

4th call projects: projects approved under the fourth call of proposals can only apply options 1 (fixed % for people working full time on the project), 2  (fixed % for people working part-time on the project) and 4 (hourly rate fixed in the employment contract). Options 3a (monthly calculation) and 3b (1720h method) will not be available for them. This reflects an attempt to make the staff cost calculation simpler, more straightforward and secure.

1st, 2nd and 3rd call projects: all the staff cost calculation methods are still available to them. However, a strong encouragement was added to make mainly use of the reporting method where the % is fixed (option 2). Experience has shown that the potential of this method is not yet fully exploited although it is much simpler and much less subject to calculation (audit) errors. We thus highlighted that even a small involvement can be expressed through a fixed % and thus encourage staff members currently using option 3a or 3b for such cases, to consider switching to option 2, in agreement with their first level controllers.

Get the new version here.

If you are using an older version of the manual, you might find useful a document where the changes compared to the previous version, last updated in December 2016, are highlighted. You can find the document here.