Our fourth call for project proposals is opening soon. We launched the preparations with the fourth edition of ‘Europe, let’s cooperate!’ on 22 March in Brussels. This week, we are following up with 'Europe, let's cooperate! online', which will be streamed live on Friday morning, 13 April, 10-12 (CEST). 

We already had a full house for the Brussels event (you can find the conclusions and photos here), and now almost 700 participants have registered to join us online. If you want to be part of the group, you can still register too!

Ahead of the live stream, we’ve got some tips for you.

Get ready

Note the date and time: Friday, 13 April, 10-12 (CEST). Better yet, register to receive a notification and a direct access link before we start.

Ask questions 

You can post your questions in advance or during the event, vote in live polls, and interact with us and the other participants. We have already opened an online platform (Slido) for questions, comments and your inputs, so you can share what is on your mind (questions, expectations, ideas…).

Everything is embedded on the 'Europe, let's cooperate! online' website. Have a look, browse around the chat rooms and get familiar with the interface, because we will be using the same tool during the live session. You’ll find five different chat rooms

  • General questions are covered in ‘Europe, let’s cooperate! online’
  • Networking, project ideas and partner search takes place in the rooms dedicated for ‘research and innovation’, ‘competitiveness of SMEs’, ‘low-carbon economy’, and ‘environment and resource efficiency’

Before you start posting, take a moment to fill in your profile information (name, organisation, email) – this way we can address your questions personally.

Tune in on Friday

We will go live at 10:00 (CEST) on 13 April. You can follow the stream on the event website or on Facebook

During the first hour, we will:

  • introduce the Interreg Europe programme,
  • fill you in on what you need to know about the fourth call,
  • introduce a couple of inspiring project examples, and
  • answer your questions

You choose where and how you participate – laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone, website, social media – whichever works for you. 

The session will also be recorded and made available afterwards.

Share your ideas and network

The second half of the event is all about networking. Click yourself in to the chat room of your choice – or visit them all, if that’s what you prefer – and start chatting.

As mentioned, the chat rooms are already open, so you can even post your ideas now to get a head start. 

Follow-up after the event

‘Europe, let’s cooperate!’ is just a start. Remember that we have a range to tools to help you network and find partners.