What is Interreg Europe? What happens in an interregional cooperation project? Who benefits from interregional cooperation and how? What are good practices? And what is the Policy Learning Platform or the policy learning community? 

You will find answers to all these questions from one video. The clip is part of the materials for a European MOOC (massive open online course) on making the most of EU resources for your region or city, but serves also as an introduction to anyone interested in interregional cooperation. 

The basics

Let Nicolas Singer from our joint secretariat explain how Interreg Europe helps regions to improve their regional policies and strategies. Many regions across Europe face similar challenges, but by coming together and sharing experiences, new solutions can be found.  

The practice

Meet two of our projects, RaiSE and ERUDITE. RaiSE sketches out the path through a project journey and sheds light on the steps needed to achieve results at the local level. Jose Manuel San Emeterio, who represents one of the partners in ERUDITE, gives a concrete example of how exchange of good practices in the field of digital innovation can benefit an entire region and the local community.

What's in it for me?

Hear how you, too, can get involved and join the community, benefit from the services offered by the Policy Learning Platform, or use the good practice database for new ideas and inspiration.   

Curious to know more?