2017 was a busy, but rewarding year for the programme. Here are some important milestones together with highlights for 2018. 

Our running projects

130 interregional cooperation projects are currently running. Partners from all over Europe are working together, sharing experience, ideas and know-how to improve their regional policies! Wondering what a year of activity looks like for an Interreg Europe project? Check-out iEER: year 2017 wrapped! or The first year of FoodChains 4 EU articles.

In 2017 we launched a new call for project ideas and the results of the evaluation are expected for March 2018. 

In 2018 we continue to be committed to simplification to make project management easier for our beneficiaries. Since 2017, the iOLF (our submission and monitoring system) is fully functional which means that the progress reports are submitted and treated faster. This ultimately means that the payments got more timely as well (three months instead of six). 


Get ready for a new call for applications

A new call for projects will take place in May-June 2018. As always, a full range of assistance services such as feedback on project ideas, online 'question and answer' sessions, national information days and many more will be proposed to potential applicants. More details will be published on our website soon. 

Wondering what are the secrets to a successful proposal? Check-out the '5 top tips for applicants' videos that we created last year, but are still very relevant.


Policy Learning Platform and new services for our online community

More than 12 000 people are part of the Interreg Europe online community and share their interest in our programme topics: research and innovation, SME competitiveness, low-carbon economy and environment and resource efficiency.

Since September 2017, our website was improved further with a brand new section dedicated to the Policy Learning Platform. At www.interregeurope.eu/policylearning/ you will find:

  • Expert support. Are you trying to figure out how to improve policies in your region? Our thematic experts can provide tailored policy advice through the expert helpdesk, or you can apply for onsite peer reviews. Describe the need for policy improvement and let our experts take care of the rest!
  • EU-wide community for networking, sharing and exchanging experiences. Join now and get in contact with policymakers in your field, country or region!
  • Good practice database with examples from the Interreg Europe projects and beyond. Start exploring the already existing ones and submit your own!
  • Articles and news grouped thematically. 27 policy briefs and more than 60 articles were published in 2017. Discover the knowledge hub!

Coming up in 2018, community members can look forward to the following highlights facilitated by a strengthened team of experts:

  • Peer reviews enabling public authorities to invite peers from all over Europe to their region to examine a specific territorial challenge, and make recommendations based on their experience and expertise
  • Thematic workshops for Interreg Europe projects to exchange good practices, find solutions for common challenges, and develop synergies
  • An annual networking event dedicated to policy learning for managing authorities, and forging links with other relevant EU initiatives
  • Online discussions in each thematic area designed to dive deeper in a specific topic and facilitate new connections within the community of peers
  • More articles and policy briefs in the knowledge hub
  • Further enrichment of the good practice database with expert validated good practices submitted by Interreg Europe projects and other community members
  • Closer cooperation with other relevant EU initiatives such as joint policy learning events with the S3 platform in Seville, and participation in the Committee of the Regions MOOC

Some of the services above are available only for registered users. Do you already have a 'My Interreg Europe' account? To access the new services, just log in to your current account and follow the steps to update your profile.


#europecooperates, #policylearning and many more events

Over 350 participants from all over Europe joined the third interregional cooperation forum 'Europe, let's cooperate' in Malta to share their experiences and ideas, get inspired, network and get guidance on successful project development. Over 500 participated online.

In May the Finance, Communication and Exchange or Experience seminars gathered over 170 project finance managers, communication managers and lead partners in Barcelona. 

 Between 17 and 20 October 2018 the first #policylearning networking events were organised in Seville and Milan. 

And not just us, but also our national contact points put together around 30 national or regional information days. Check your country page and see what is coming up in 2018!

In 2018, save the date for these two upcoming events:

  • A new edition of 'Europe, let's cooperate' forum will be held in March 2018 - exact date and location will be announced shortly.
  • A big event for those involved in Interreg Europe projects to share and exchange experience: Sofia, 24-25 April 2018.


Cooperation with others

During the European Week of Regions and Cities in October 2017 we organised three workshops and a storytelling studio. Our camera was rolling almost non-stop and we had the pleasure of talking to more than 40 regional actors, EU officials, and experts working on regional policy and regional development. As a follow-up we organised 'Good practice stories', a webinar to present some of the stories we collected.

Together with Espon, INTERACT and URBACT we worked on this paper outlining for policy-makers around Europe the benefits and added value of the interregional programmes in times of resource scarcity. 

Thank you!


Thank you for being part of it! In 2018 we will continue to provide networking opportunities, policy advice and expertise, assistance and support to help you built your project idea or manage wisely the project activities and finances. Stay informed about our activities by subscribing to our newsletter


Article cover photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash