Policymakers all over Europe are working hard to come up with innovative solutions aimed at improving research and innovation, SME competitiveness, low-carbon economy, environment and resource efficiency. Since these challenges are shared by all cities and regions in Europe, the solution(s) can be also. This approach not only saves time but also money. That’s where Interreg Europe comes in.

Interreg Europe allows regional and local authorities to work together instead of ‘going solo’. Through the programme’s thematic policy learning platforms, you can learn from each other, seek expert advice, find partners and bring this experience back home to your own city and/or region. Not only that, but Interreg Europe will provide financial support for interregional projects you carry out in cooperation with other local and regional authorities in the 28 EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland.

By creating an environment and opportunities for sharing solutions, Interreg Europe aims to ensure that government investment, innovation and implementation efforts all lead to integrated and sustainable impact for people and place.