Participants in the interregional cooperation forum 'Europe, let's cooperate' who come to Rotterdam can benefit from a networking area on 22 and 23 March.

The two-day event will be full of exchange and learning among people from 30 European countries, facilitated by networking. On top of the informal encounters, a specially designed networking area will give you the possibility to meet and exchange with peers on a specific topic.

Design the networking agenda with us by proposing your topic!

We have put a booking system in place for 10 tables and 11 time slots, each 30 minutes long. Just propose a topic, get our confirmation and invite others to join.

The networking area will be at the second floor of the venue with 10 tables for 8 people each. During the event, participants will be able to join a specific group on the spot (no registration is required), limited only by the available chairs.

We wish you successful networking!