ESPON contributes to the debate on post-2020 Cohesion Policy with a Territorial Review synthesising latest research findings and providing insights into the diversity of European territories.

The Territorial Review covers a range of different themes related to territorial development and jobs and growth in Europe. It highlights the current and future development challenges of cities and regions that can be addressed more effectively through joint action beyond administrative borders.

Besides presenting an evidence-based analysis of the European territory, the report also stresses the need for continued and intesified cooperation between territorial entities across Europe. More cooperation can maximise their development potential and address future challenges.

The full report is available online. In addition, it is possible to create a tailored version that focuses only on the topics or territories of your interest. A short summary with highlights for policy makers is also available.

Ilona Raugze, the Director of ESPON EGTC, joined us for an interview in Brussels during the European Week of Regions and Cities to discuss the key messages of the Territorial Review. You can watch the interview below.