The Interreg Europe programme manual is revised now.

We have updated the manual to make it even clearer and more helpful than before for those of you implementing the approved project(s) as well as for those preparing a project for the next call.

See the key changes made:

  1. We have modified and included information linked to the anti-fraud strategy of the managing authority (MA), as part of the management and control system. See:
    • the first level control certificate (Annex 2 to the programme manual) and the first level control report including checklist (Annex 3 to the programme manual)
    • Annex 4 added to the programme manual with the first level control report on suspected or established fraud, developed by the managing authority
    • information on the MA anti-fraud policy and recommendations for project partners included to prevent fraud, in particular in the field of public procurement
  2. We have clarified that the Interreg Europe co-financing rates of 75% or 85% linked to the legal status of partners and the role of lead partner remain unaffected by a change in the legal status of a partner during the project lifetime.
  3. We have added further clarifications related to the financial management of projects such as on the eligibility rules related to gifts or the eligibility period.
  4. We have clarified further the information on the archiving obligations. In line with the Regulation (EU) 1303/2013 Article 140 and to simplify the procedures, all project partners have to archive for a two year period (see section 6.4.2 of the programme manual).
  5. We have updated the guidelines on reporting to reflect the progress report development (see section 6.2.4 of the programme manual).
  6. We have added more detail on the project communication kit and the communication requirements for applicants.

Download the new version to stay up to date!

If you have the previous version of the manual, you can see the track changes comparing the new version with the previous one in this document.