You might know INTERREG IVC in detail, or follow our activities from a distance. You are interested in getting the big picture about INTERREG IVC and the results after seven years of implementation, or you wonder about the organisational structure of such a programme and who are the people behind it. Maybe you are just curious about what kind of projects we funded. "The INTERREG IVC story" is the best way to find an answer to your question. An online interactive report specially produced to resume INTERREG IVC and show how it paved the way towards Interreg Europe.

In 7 years, between 2007 and 2014, a great deal was achieved: throughout the 204 supported projects2,295 partners from all over Europe were brought together. This online interactive report gives you a comprehensive, yet simple and modern image of our journey so far.

The seven chapters of this online report build up a picture of how the programme worked to achieve its aims. By scrolling through, you can get a first glance of the highlights.

Each chapter is expandable and it includes a project showcase, where we proudly present some projects' main outputs that range from creating effective flood forecasts to protecting cultural heritage, and from reducing unemployment among 50-plus to integrating design into innovation policy to name just a few.

Infographics, interactive maps and statements from key people were used in order to make your experience as diverse as possible.


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1. Sharing solutions to stimulate growth (an introduction to INTERREG IVC context)

2. The cogs in a well-oiled machine (the organisational structure)

3. Support every step of the way (project lifecycle)

4. Measuring the investment (how the funds were monitored)

5. Solidarity works, regions benefit (results per country)

6. Milestones along the way (main highlights in programme's lifetime)

7. A solid platform to build on (stepping to Interreg Europe)

Main projects showcased: