The European Commission is looking for regional authorities interested in receiving policy advice in the form of tailored policy briefs on resource efficiency, eco-innovation and circular economy uptake by SMEs.

The call for expressions of interest is a part of an initiative to boost circular economy amongst SMEs in Europe. The aim is to enhance local support infrastructure and bring assets (e.g. knowledge, networks and tools) to SMEs so that they can benefit from the advantages of the circular economy, including cost reductions, new/increased revenue streams and improved environmental performance.

The participating regions will receive tailored advice from KPMG, Ecofys, CSR Netherlands and Circle Economy. The policy briefs will be delivered in Q1 2018 and they will include:

  • tailored regional policy recommendations
  • detailed action plans and roadmaps aimed at targeting SMEs to adopt resource efficiency, eco-innovation and/or circular economy strategies and practices.


Call for expression of interest open until 18 September

Regional authorities interested in participating should fill out an application form by 18 September 2017. The European Commission will select the most suitable applicants.

In addition to regional policy advice, the Commission also offers support to circular solution providers and capacity building for SME support organisations. You can find more information about all three calls, further details on how to apply and what the conditions are on the European Commission website.


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