The latest Eurobarometer on ‘Citizens' awareness and perceptions of EU regional policy’ has been published. Surveys and interviews were carried out in March and the results were published on 29 June 2017.

The 2017 data shows that more than three in four EU citizens (78%) see a positive impact of EU regional investments in their city or region. Moreover, citizens have a generally positive opinion about regional policy: more than half (53%) of Europeans believe that regional policy investments in all EU regions should continue.

Awareness about EU regional funding has increased slightly since the previous survey in 2015. At the general level, more than a third (35%) of Europeans are aware of EU regional funding, although there is a lot of variance between countries. This reflects also the importance of the EU regional funds for a country, as awareness rates range from 80% (Poland) to 14% (Denmark).

When it comes to Interreg and EU strategies to promote cooperation, more than one fifth (22%) of EU citizens are aware that EU regional funding fosters cross-border cooperation, continuing the trend of steadily increasing awareness over the past decade. Over one in ten have heard about Interreg. Beyond the general EU awareness rate of 13%, the highest awareness rates at the country level were expressed in Greece (28%), Poland (26%), and Romania (23%).

You can read more about the general results, download a full report or a summary, and access country-specific fact sheets (available in English and national languages) on the Public Opinion website of the European Commission.