Networking and sharing of ideas and experiences has always been a key part of 'Europe, let's cooperate!'. It is at the core of this year's online event on 24-25 November as well.

We have designed the event with you, our participants, in mind. Some of you have great project ideas and you're eager to share them with others. Others prefer to see what ideas exist and join partnerships that match their interests. Doing so during #europecooperates gives you a possibility to connect with organisations and peers across Europe who share the same challenges. The event is an opportunity to start building your future partnerships for new projects.

How to share project ideas?

You can share project ideas and connect with others on our website. Publish your own idea or check out ideas from others. Take a look at the 'project ideas' section on the #europecooperates website and start sharing!

Sharing a project idea is simple:

1) Register for #europecooperates

2) Submit your project idea online

The project idea should be about a potential interregional cooperation project linked to one of the six topics covered by Interreg Europe in the future: Smart, Green, Connected, Social, Citizens, or Governance. The idea can be a rough topic interest, a question or a challenge to tackle, or a more developed concept for a project. A brief introduction and a descriptive title are enough at this stage.

3) Get ready to pitch your idea during #europecooperates in an online networking discussion

Why to share your project idea?

If you post your project idea before 'Europe, let's cooperate!', you'll have a chance to book a virtual meeting space and pitch or discuss your idea with other participants. Almost 1,500 people have already registered to take part in #europecooperates this year. Don't miss this opportunity to start the journey towards your next project!

Share your project idea now and make use of our networking features before, during and even after the event. See you at 'Europe, let's cooperate!' on 24-25 November!