We’re now at the end of October and the launch date of the new website is getting closer. Since June, we’ve focused our attention on improving the ways you can access and capitalise on the policy knowledge our projects produce and Policy Learning Platform experts put together.

Find out what we've been up to these last few months.

The knowledge hub gets bigger

We’re expanding the knowledge hub! As of next year, it will also contain our good practice database. No longer will you need to look on multiple pages to find policy solutions. From policy briefs and good practices to the conclusions of thematic webinars and expert reports. Everything will be in one place.

The good practice dashboard made more efficient

For those of you who’ve had to submit or manage good practices in our database, it’s not always been easy to know what to do next. The approval process can seem very complex. Where is the good practice now? Who is working on it? Who should I contact if I have any questions? 

With the help of our user experience experts, we’ve improved the dashboard to try and make the process easier to follow. A ‘to do’ section will make it easy to find good practices you’re working on. And the ‘assigned to’ column will show you who to contact with your questions.

Meeting face-to-face

After so many months of working online, we finally got to meet our User Experience experts face-to-face. Conveniently for us, they are just down the road from our offices in Lille!

Stay up to date

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