We are happy to present you with the citizen's summary of our annual implementation report for 2020. You can find the highlights from our last year's work in the summary. More detail is available in the full report at the following link.

We had 258 projects running in 2020. Close to 160 projects delivered over 1,000 action plans which turned the lessons learnt into actions in the partner regions. The projects delivered close to 550 policy improvements and many of these improvements mobilised local, regional or national funds - close to 1 billion euro's worth. You can find out about our projects' activities on their websites.

Our Policy Learning Platform continued to offer thematic events on each of the programme topics. The expert-validated good practice database kept growing and now has over 2,300 good practices. We provided on-demand services such as region-to-region peer reviews and policy matchmaking.

For more information about the programme's implementation, check also our Facts and Figures page